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Thursday, January 20th - To Do

Started 1/20/22 by scapermom; 108 views.

From: friedchickn


I have zero faith that GG's dentist appt is going to go as planned.  I'm sticking close to my phone and my computer until he's back at the home.  

Dinner will be beef stoganoff...assuming I can get to the store to grab egg noodles.  I'd be fine with whatever...but dh gets pissy.  We're both on let's keep the random pissy fits to a minimum.

Recharging my heated socks.

May start cross stitching the stocking...I have everything I need, I'm just being weird about starting.  If I just start with a few stitches...that should be today's goal.

Dropped my car off yesterday for inspection.  I'll have to go get it at some point

Yoga tonight

If I can get out from the GG situation...I might pop over to Little Bits and help out.  They didn't get a single voucher yesterday.  I'm not hugely surprised.

piano practice.

maybe a load of laundry

This whole week has just been a little sideways and it has me all thrown off....hoping to get back to normal soon and then back on track.

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From: scapermom


Its snowing and raining and I have a headache 

Trying to get basics done today - morning routine almost done just waiting on dryer

did my arm workout, will do more later this afternoon

Zone mission is tops of dressers 

dh left to go take his mom to an appointment 

Thinking of tossing chili fixings into the slow cooker/instant pot for dinner