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Friday, January 21st-to do

Started 1/21/22 by friedchickn; 98 views.
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From: friedchickn


Dh "found" a bag of linens in his office.  How does one find linens in a bag in one's male's husband steals a bin and repurposes it, stuffs the linens in a paper bag and then forgets about them.  So yeah...I need to go through that...cause I haven't missed them, so I probably don't want them anymore.  I'll list on marketplace and maybe they'll find new homes this weekend.

Cleaning lady is here...I've already updated my chewy autoship, cleaned my email and did 2 check statements.

Started the cross stitch yesterday while I navigated the GG dental appointment nightmare.  He has to go to an oral surgeon on Monday and dh has to go with him.  So had a ton more phone calls, paperwork and planning to do for that.  This sucks with him being so damn far away.  I'd move him closer but it's not my call....nor is the damn medical proxy....

Not sure what we'll do tonight for dinner...out, obviously.  Just not sure where or with who.

I ahve a load of clothes in teh dryer to be folded and put away.

Workout, romwod, plank and ghd

piano practice

Helping my friend at the farmer's market again.  

And hopefully that's about it?


From: scapermom


Good morning! Rolling along here with the daily routine. Feels like it should be Saturday for some reason…

going to add an email cleanout to my list today. Getting so much junk recently 

zone mission is remaking the bed 

DH found the replacement part that’s broke on my cuisinart food processor so I need to order that

thinking of a Whole Foods run for the coconut yogurt I like. Or May try making it in my instant pot 

Ill declutter for 15mins 

Workout for 20 - putting weights in the laundry has helped me keep up with doing arms. Not much room for anything else tho

we ended up doing takeout from our favorite bbq place last night, not feeling the chili so may try a hamburger soup recipe I saw for tonight