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Tuesday, January 25th - To Do

Started 1/25/22 by scapermom; 139 views.

From: friedchickn


Went out to grab a pot pie from the small freezer to defrost for dinner....and yup.  #### shut off cause of the cold.  Sigh.  Luckily I checked it on Saturday, cause I know this piece of crap does this and it was frozen and working.  Checked the temp of several things and everyone was at've got to cook all the meat and refreeze in the big freezer that doesn't do this cause it's not a piece of crap.

I've also got about 3 loads of laundry to do today.

And the hot tub may need one last dose of salt and another round of testing.


Working out (angrily) at 11.

Then I'll call GG and see how he's doing.  Need to submit for reimbursement for both transports.

piano practice

yoga tonight

that's probably all I'll get done

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From: scapermom


Coordination is the name of the game today

Have morning routine going. Dog’s taken care of, laundry is started, needed to collect & sort first. 

DD was up and made herself breakfast already and 2nd day of remote classes started.

I added a whole chicken to my butcher box for this month since they had a deal. I missed out on th really good deal, so settled for this. 

Want to check my misfit order before it finalizes to see if I added salad fixings

zone mission is a detailed vacuum of the family room 

skipping an arm/upper body workout today to give that area a break. May just do some time on the bike

Trying to debate if I should do an Aldi run this morning. Want to have more frozen veg on hand

After DD finishes class she needs to do a spit test suppposed to be within 72 hours of arrival but I’m not sure she’ll get results in time if she does it tomorrow. Also she’s getting booster later today so will that effect it if she waits til tomorrow? 

Heading to CVS later this afternoon for her booster and to pick up my pills and other sundries. I’ll look to see if they also have any home kits - those things are like gold around here. This way she can take a test before leaving to go up there on SatUrday if this other test result doesn’t get back in time.

Just me & dd for dinner - I’ll see if she wants anything special, if not it feels like a good soup day


From: scapermom


That just happened to my sister’s garage freezer. Never heard of that before and now twice! Crazy but it’s true that things are not made as well anymore!


From: friedchickn


They don't like the extreme cold.  And I know I check frequently during the winter and I keep a glass of water with a quarter on top in there....that way I can tell if it thawed and refroze.

Only lost 1 or 2 things that had been stored on the door and so were warmer, and were leftovers anyway....which is why I store them there.

Just wish it wasn't a thing....that's all.  Could have been worse