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Thursday, January 27th - To Do

Started 1/27/22 by scapermom; 97 views.

From: friedchickn


Long day...up early to head into Portland.

Met with the developer and toured a couple of his recent projects.  They're holy #### real nice.  Feeling good about this little project.

Stopped over at dd's.  Dh fixed her rolling ladder.  She wanted it shorter so it took up less room.  Also needed her fold down kitchen island counter repaired.  And wanted dh to take the door off the bathroom vanity...she's using it as a litterbox solution (it's briliant).  Dh is going to make a new door with a cat entrance for her...but needed the door to use as a template.  (We don't want to "ruin" the door in case we decide to sell quick, we can just put the old door back on)

Got in some quality kitten time.

Took the kiddo for an early dinner

Came home...mostly exhausted.

Did drop a bunch of stuff off at a salvation army on the way home!!!  WINNING!!!!!