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Sunday April 17th - To Do

Started Apr-17 by scapermom; 113 views.

From: scapermom


Easter Sunday list?

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From: scapermom


Happy Easter!

Don’t know what I did to my hands yesterday but my fingers are soo dry!

We cranked out 6 or 8 pies yesterday I lost track! First time I made the grain pies. We made our own dough and all. My sister has all my moms recipes.

DH is at the italian bread store now - they don’t take orders so he went when they opened.

I’ve got sweet potatoes on the boil, so I can make a tray or 2 of candied to take. Been looking at some recipes and I think Ill try adding some vanilla this time to the maple syrup, Brown sugar & butter mixture

Also need to put together the charcuterie/antipasto tray and a fix a green salad

Dog walk

Then after I get myself cleaned up, I think we’re going to my inlaws first for a quick visit. If we decide to skip that we’ll take a pie to my sister in laws for her to bring with her there

Then on to my sister’s for dinner

should be a long & exhausting day either way. Also going to see nephews & nieces I havent seen in a long while


From: friedchickn


If you worked the dough...then your dry hands are that...the flour just sucks the moisture out of everything!!!

Dh is skiing...and I'm just relaxing.  The new meds are doing brilliantly...maybe too  It's like it popped whatever bubble was holding up progress.  I see many weeks of refinement in my future...

When he gets back...we'll head down to the marina.  He's still working on the internet and something to do with the stereo.  More and more of our marina friends have been showing up to work on their boats I'm sure we'll end up going to get something to eat.

Then who knows...


From: scapermom


Ah that must be it. I did the filling but then helped my sis with the dough as well and my hands definitely had the flour on them for a while. It’s to the point that the fingerprint recognition on my ipad isn’t working