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Tuesday, April 19th-to do

Started Apr-19 by friedchickn; 95 views.
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From: friedchickn


Dumping snow and clumps of rain.  Like soooo weird.  And we had wicked thunder and snow lightening.  It's so damn cool.  All supposed to blow out by this afternoon and be 45 and sunny.

Went for bloodwork this morning...and got my BP checked and dropped off my readings.  She'll call me later to discuss.

Dh is struggling...he ran out of coffee....he likes this crap he orders and decided he could manage his own ordering (like a big boy).  Yeah...nope.  This is like the 3rd time he's run out in the past year.  So he runs to the grocery...comes home with whole bean.  He sucks at grocery shopping...he just doesn't pay attention to details.  Back to the grocery, of course he doesn't bring the whole bean to return (guess I'll do that later)...and just tried to make a pot without water.  Oh boy....

Need to do the final prep on the guest room and write out instructions for the main tv.  I made sure the tv in the guest room was updated last night (thankfully it was).  Guest bath is all it's really just a matter of making the bed and cleaning the window where the cat watches bunnies.

I'll do a yoga and practice piano.

Didn't get a chance to roast the squash yesterday so I might do that today.

Dog bowls and GG call

Then we leave for Portland at 2ish...


From: scapermom


Not sure how I missed this before I posted way later… guess my page didn’t refresh?

So listing here instead

Already had a FaceTime with DD - it’s snowing up in Ithaca. Some classes cancelled but not hers… We just had major rain again overnight thankfully

Here I am thinking about vegetable planting. Guess I should wait

I’ve managed to get laundry going and kitchen looks good. Dog not even out of bed yet

I’ll do a short walk at home to ease back into it

Never got a meal plan done, so will do one today with what I’ve got on hand and make a grocery list for fill in

Today’s zone mission - we are in the bedroom again 

Have a ton of emails to get through

Nieces birthday so will send her a text

I would love a Hobby Lobby therapy visit - just love walking around in there

I’ll scrounge some leftovers for dinner tonight by myself since DH is doing a double. Should make a batch of bone broth too

Watched The Batman last night on HBO Max with DH (though he fell asleep within the first hour lol) It’s long, but I was entertained in a dark way… or at least it kept my interest. Today I want to read a bit. 

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From: scapermom


Managed to delete the other post…look Ma I learned something!