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Tuesday, April 26th - To Do

Started Apr-26 by scapermom; 79 views.
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From: scapermom


Stopping the downward spiral thought I was starting so good too…

been on YouTube watching intermittent fasting vids re up & down days, since what I’m doing isnt working  for me unless I go strict healthy keto and fast. I want to be able to eat a damn sweet potato or berries damn it! At least another sprint starts next week. But I think I need to do more than 16hours fast regularly and eat one meal maybe - need to work my way up to that

The strength training I did yesterday did a number on my legs so today it will just be a nice yoga session i think

Have only gotten to the dog so far, so need to start laundry and finish kitchen 

todays zone mission - we’re in the living/family room this week

need to pick up my pills and other stuff at cvs since I didn’t get there yesterday 

I’ll check in with my sister later since she’s getting her scan results today 

Dd has an award ceremony tonight at school, hopefully she takes pictures or something 

just me since DH is doing a double and I’ve got leftovers to finish up

read and or catch up on outlander depending on my mood 


From: friedchickn


Couldn't sleep and was up at 5....tossed on some fluffy socks and a thick sweater and just worked on a puzzle.  Almost done with it

Dropped the truck off for inspection...fingers crossed it passes another year.  Last year he said it was getting very very soft....  Not sure what we will do with it if it doesn't pass...

Pizza dough is made and rising.  Doing mexican inspired pizzas tonight....a hatch chili chicken and a taco.

Even started a load of laundry.

I'll work out later.  I'm down another lb!  woot woot.  And I'll do a yoga session lady is on vacation next 2 weeks.

Call GG

Cat litter I didn't get to yesterday


dog bowls

And I'm puttering through a stack of stuff I dragged out of the laundry room...some is fix, some is toss, some is make into rags or find new homes...

Finished Season 2 of Ray it's back to Vikings.