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Wednesday, April 27th - To Do

Started Apr-27 by scapermom; 104 views.
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From: scapermom


Feel like I’ve been up for hours and done nothing… just discombobulated I guess?

Facetimed with DD - had her honors ceremony and then she did her proposal for next year’s show she’s producing so she wanted to tell me all about both

Dog had to be coaxed out of bed and out and now she’s back to sleep

I need to collect laundry and put up a load

Kitchen needs some attention

Want to do that strength training workout I did on monday (aiming for 3 days a week for that) Legs are still feeling those squats too

Want to get to Aldi’s early to grab some GF beef on sale and stuff to make slow cooker Fiesta chicken to bring to my sister in laws for early cinco de mayo dinner party tomorrow night

Today’s zone mission

it’s wednesday, so bills, files, receipts - mail has piled up so need to deal with it

dog walk later

burger salads for dinner

Survivor tonight and maybe read more - decided Outlander is too depressing right now


From: friedchickn


Woke up early this a new thing?  Not happy if this a trend.

Breakfast done, dishwasher going.  Dh prepped a pork butt for the smoker....I'm having a bunch of friend's over next week and I'm gonna do pulled pork sandwiches.  And we cooked up the scraps for the dog....special treats or incentive to get him to eat.  Those are already in the freezer.

Repotted a rosemary, bought movie tickets for this weekend (The Northmen) and have some hand washables soaking.

Having lunch with a friend...and stopping at the jewelers to have my necklace fixed again.  It's on the way.  Maybe a dump run...for recyclables only.  Barely 1/2 a bag of actual trash.

Then we'll see about what kind of workout we're doing for today...I'll do something, just not sure what or when.

Dh said we'd do something light for dinner...fine with me, I probably won't be hungry after lunch anyways.

piano practice

Continuing to clean up dd's room and bathroom.  Emptied a bathroom drawer (onto her bureau) and I'm sifting through for trash, recycle, etc....geez louise....just when I think I've cleaned out every nook and cranny in this house....I find another pile to purge.