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Thursday, May 5th -To Do

Started May-5 by friedchickn; 157 views.
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From: friedchickn


Last day on my own....pretty happy with the week I've had.  Got plenty done AND had plenty of time to just do nothing.  Need to try to find more time to do that WITH dh at home....hmmm.

Moved around the mudroom yesterday...just a different layout.  I like it better.  Also moved all the plants around and got rid of my very seldom used trash can in my office.  I'd love to get a new (to me) table for beside my chair...right now I use an old kitchen stool.  I've had my eyes open....I really don't want to buy new.

Cleaning lady is here.  She's gonna do her regular cleaning and then dh's office since he's not here.

After that I've got a covid test scheduled so I can get my visa for the Bahamas.

Extra long dog walk since it's absolutely gorgeous outside.

Maybe a little reading, maybe a little piano.  

More much more packing

Dh will be home tonight so Euphoria will have to wait


From: scapermom


DD’s still feeling like crap - coughing a lot too. I just ordered honey sticks from Amazon. She took tea bags from a function she was at last night. All her tests from health center were negative- so probably bad allergies or cold? Her last class is today and last tv production for the semester then finals/projects. Not a great time for feeling crappy 

DH is getting ready to go take his mom on errands

i have to finish morning tasks then do a quick walk at home-been slacking on these

then I’ll head out on errands- grocery fill in and didn’t make it to the township office yesterday 

dog walk later

Zone mission or detailed cleanup 

should book a hair appointment 

Going to try Parmesan chicken wings for dinner 


From: friedchickn


This last round of covid doesn't test positive with all but the most sensitive of tests...allergies shouldn't make her FEEL like crap.


From: scapermom


Maybe? I’ve heard of people testing many times and being negative- something about the low viral load? 
she’s also pms’d and next week are finals - so stress overload and overwhelmed for sure