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Tuesday, May 17th - To Do

Started May-17 by scapermom; 100 views.

From: friedchickn


There is a solid chunk of tasks on my tablet this morning....and I thought I did so good yesterday...LOL

Breakfast is done. Kitchen tidied up.  Made overnight oats for dh and I for tomorrow...I have a few random blueberries to use up.  

Leftover chicken pot pie for dh's lunch...I'll have something smaller.  Pulled out pulled pork and buns last night and mixed up cole slaw last night too.

Sourdough starter will be turned into a pizza dough for tomorrow dinner. (And there should be plenty of pulled pork for lunches.  So I'm good though tomorrow on meals.

Couple planks, and a crossfit workout to be done.  Yoga class tonight.  Weight is down .2 I'm back on the right track.  Phew....

Deposit went I paid the CC.  Refreshed the budget for next month.

Piano practice

More laundry.  Started packing away winter clothes too

Call GG

Finish pulling the dandelions. (probably after i work out cause I'll be gross anyway)

Drs appt at 1:30, Meeting with the investors after that.

And 100 tiny random tasks....

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From: scapermom


Morning underway but feeling so groggy… need to go collect laundry then I’ll put up a load, dog’s been out and her foods out but she’s being picky, kitchen’s mostly under control 

I’ll see if I can get in todays zone mission and a quick workout and cleaned up before I head out to my hair appointment at 10:30.
May swing by the local nursery/farm to see if they’ve still got plants to buy

dog walk when I get back

declutter for 15

Have a pack each of ground pork & beef so may make either meatloaf or meatballs for dinner

read - got the next Bridgerton book yesterday- hyacinths story. Oh and found out they are filming Colin & Penelope’s story next - so skipping Benedict- which I can’t see how since C&Ps story takes like 10 years for them to finally get together and can’t figure how they make Benedict’s story not happen or if they do it at the same time lessen it? Plus Eloise;s story takes place as a direct result of Penelope’s so that’s got to be next…


From: scapermom


Winter stuff! Yes completely forgot about that and need to do that! It was 80 and humid/thunderstorms to boot yesterday and high today will be 78 so seems like we’re in summer weather (spring we hardly knew ye) mode and most of our winter gear is still on hooks… adding it to my list…thanks?

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From: scapermom


And dandelions are the bane of my existence along with these weird stringy seed pods one of the neighbors trees is unloading into our yard


From: friedchickn


I have a tool that pulls them up...and if you get them root and all before they bloom they don't come back....well unless they come from your neighbors...or grass seed.  

Did you know that?  Alot of grass seed has dandelion in it as an impurity?!?!?!