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Thursday, May 19th - To Do

Started May-19 by scapermom; 83 views.
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From: scapermom


Dark and dreary out today - so much rain lately

Morning routine is in progress - dog, laundry (probably going to do at least 2 loads again today), and kitchen is really an ongoing task

Today’s zone mission - they’ve seemed easy lately so I probably should move on to detailed cleaning lists

Quick walk at home workout today

walk dog if it stops raining 

Her bowls need cleaning

Didn’t connect with my sis so I’ll try again today

Need to send bill to aunt who I ordered ARbonne for so she can repay me when I see her on Sunday

Still Dorm piles to tackle

Started the project of cleaning out files yesterday and need to continue since I’ve got piles of paper that need to be shredded or put in the old files

Took out beef tips for dinner tonight 

Finished Hyacinth’s story last night and am on the wait list for Gregory’s (forgot about him) It’s the last in the Bridgerton series - tho there are prequels and such but don’t think I’ll read those. Its not like they’re great books but I’m on a mission to finish the series. 


From: friedchickn


Yesterday was sooooo much....I really need today to be less.  Maybe it will be?

Cleaning lady just left.

Breakfast is done, kitchen tidied.  Took out the pizza dough to warm up and rise.  And ordered rugs for the boat.

Also put together my questions/notes for the library committee meeting...that's at 11.

Long dog walk after the meeting, yoga class tonight.

Plenty of leftovers for lunch.  Dinner will be pizzas...gonna do one pepperoni and need to figure out the other.

piano practice...and print some music.

Couple of planks and some reading???  Maybe???