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Wednesday, May 25th- To Do

Started May-25 by scapermom; 70 views.

From: scapermom


Where is May going list?

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From: scapermom


Morning underway- dog done, laundry going,need to collect and sort for future loads, kitchen tbd

thought I was done with dorm stuff, but almost tripped yesterday on the pile they left in the garage, so need to deal with that

Zone mission- May need to go for the detailed cleaning list with this zone too - we’re in the bedroom 

Want to do an Aldi run - small list but in dire need of their everything bagel seasoning lol

It’s Wednesday so bills, file, receipts- continue file project I started last week 

strength training, maybe plank 

Hidden liver beef for tonight’s dinner 

survivor finale

got the last Bridgerton book but doubt I’ll have reading time


From: friedchickn


May is cruising past...isn't it?!?

My curtain rods came in yesterday and dh actually installed them right begging, no pleading...weird...maybe he's finally growing up?  NAH

He's currently doing the dump run.  By himself...?!?!?  Wow again.

I started a load of whites and rinsed and hung my hand washables from yesterday.  Dishwasher should get run after lunch...but I won't be here and he won't figure that out.

Headed out to run errands a few towns over with a friend...we're hitting all the stores since it's 45 min each way.  We'll probably get lunch too while we're out.

No workout today...since I'm walking 5 miles each day on the weekend, I need a down day during the week.  So I've decided it's Wednesday.

One of my girlfriends got me a replacement I need to plant that when I get home.

We swing by the duplex tonight to fix a few things (minor) and we'll grab my ILs for dinner.

If I find time....I'd like to measure for the curtains now that the rods are hung.  Between the hangers and the "drape"....There's all kindas of guidelines for how long to be.

And I have a new book I want to start....

And I almost forgot...I have a piano lesson I'll try to sneak in some practice.