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Monday, May 30th - Holiday To Do

Started May-30 by scapermom; 71 views.
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From: scapermom


Technically still the long weekend but DH went in to work so it feels like the start of the week to me

plan is to do the bare minimum for the weekly home blessing

so far I’ve stripped the bed, started a wash, sanitized the kitchen and replaced linens

dogs been out and filled her bowl

of what’s left, I’ll collect trash, replace towels and do the new zone (family room) mission which is declutter hot spots, may also vacuum in there 

I should do some garden work 

Dh took advantage of the good weather yesterday and grilled up several meals worth of food for us. So we’ll have our pickof salmon, hot dogs or chicken for lunch and dinner. May make a pasta salad for side

need to do some cooking lessons for dd, maybe help her devise an easy menu plan/template. She’ll have 5 meals at dining hall a week along with retail place $, but will need to fill in with her own meals for mostly breakfasts and dinners

We finished Stranger Things last night (it was only 6 episodes with 2nd half to come in July ) so I’ll get to reading the last Bridgerton book today hopefully 

Want to refresh myself on Westworld before the new season starts on the 26th