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Friday, June 3rd - To Do

Started Jun-3 by scapermom; 88 views.
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From: scapermom


So got up at 9:30! Don’t remember the last time I did that 

Still have the morning tasks to get to like laundry & kitchen 

dogs been a right beast going after all the wildlife in the yard & digging.  Need to make her a bath appointment 

Tons of emails to go through 

strength training being careful of my back

promised dd I’d go to Target with her

Zone mission looks like general decluttering

if we swing by wegmans I’ll get shrimp for tonight’s dinner if not then sheet pan chicken  and asparagus 

weekend is booked - bbq tomorrow and family party on Sunday 

need to prep for Sprint start on Monday 


From: friedchickn


Up way too early...bit it worked out nicely.

Returned the oven vent, they didn't even blink.  Then hit Wallyworld and filled a cart full of pet food. Dropped that off on the way home.

Planted my herbs that finally can go outside again (in the rain, thank you very much).  Watered all my plants, did the cat litter and packed my clothes.

Just need to pack the food and we should be good to set sail!  I definitely need some down time.