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Monday, June 6th - To Do

Started 6/6/22 by scapermom; 123 views.

From: friedchickn


I am soooooo tired.  Slept like a log, right til 7....then my eyes just popped open.  Ugghhh  Guess I'm up.

Working out at 10:30.  There isn't a part of me that wants to do this....but this weekend was a little much so I really need to compensate.

Boggle with the ladies at 12:30.

Dh might join us late for dinner....or we might head back.  Not sure yet.

The usual Monday tasks...bills, receipts, emails, week money, cat litter and water plants.

I'll pull the sour dough starter out to warm up....tomorrow I'll make him into something.

Laundry...did a load last night...just need to fluff and fold.  2 more loads need to get done.

Stain guy is supposed to come by for an estimate...not sure yeah...great.

And I still have 1000 tasks from last week, along with 1000 tasks I sent myself from this weekend.  Talk about falling behind...I'm drowning.