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Wednesday, June 15th - To Do

Started Jun-15 by scapermom; 91 views.

From: scapermom


What cha got Wednesday?

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From: scapermom


Feeling groggy -stayed up watching The Dark Knight with Dd. We decided we’re going to try to watch everything Christian Bale’s been in over the summer. so last night it was TDK , Batman begins and Howls Castle (found that last one on HBO max)

Morning routine started - dog done, laundry started, kitchen tbd

Zone mission (towel & toilet paper holders along with window sill)

Strength training workout 

Aldi run

bills, file, receipts 

dd has eye dr and getting dilated so I’m on tap to chauffeur 

nice day for grilling - so if I can get the butterflied lamb at Aldi we’ll have that for dinner tonight 


From: friedchickn

Jun-15 took out too much 401k, so that's a stack of phone calls.

Paid bills...except can't pay mortgage on dd's condo cause I was suppose to get a new book and I didn't.  So that's a stack of phone calls too.

Cleaned up my email

Mixed the dog food a friend gave me and then washed out her bin to give back.  I'll see her on Tuesday.

Cleaning lady is's early this week cause dh scheduled it....sigh

GG's check statement

Then it's onto curtain number 2....I'm pretty confident it'll go quicker today.  Might even be able to start curtain number 3.  Which would be great cause I'd like to get them done this week.(And be done with that project)

lunch out

piano practice

dump run

Then a long long long list of oddball items....geez....the list never ends.