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Tuesday, June 28th - To Do

Started Jun-28 by scapermom; 103 views.
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From: scapermom


Been up a while - another poor night of sleep and decided to just get up and on with it

morning routine mostly done - saving the kitchen for last

started going through emails but still more to go

looks like weather will clear soon so I should take care of some gardening 

todays a cardio day-tho it will be a short one since my knee is already twingey 

Need to make hair and vet appointments - maybe throw in a grooming appt for the dog too if I can get one

Zone mission is dusting 

no ideas for dinner 

think Dd & I have at least 2 episodes left of Umbrella Academy to watch tonight  


From: friedchickn


Back at it again today...breakfast is done, kitchen tidied up but not cleaned.

Workout today...then I'll plant some more plants.  Yoga tonight so I'll just hose off outside.

Lunch is covered with allllll the leftovers.  Dinner....uh, not sure.  Maybe nachos with some leftover toppings.

piano practice...focusing on one section I just can't that should be fun

More shredding....oh how i wish there was a bulk shred location.

My big splurge today....I'm doing my toes damn it!!!  And I'm going to clean and polish my piano!!!