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Wednesday, June 20th - To Do

Started Jun-29 by scapermom; 95 views.

From: scapermom


Can’t believe June is almost over list?

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From: scapermom


Time flies… 

Morning routine moving along 

after coffee and moving the clothes to the dryer I’ll do a strength training workout 

dog walk before it gets too hot

zone mission is a sofa dive - I’ll be vacuuming those cracks since mine are most likely filled with dog hair

have a few items to get at Aldi

going to do an online Walmart order or maybe be brave and go there - need more space bags and shower liners, things like that

It’s Wednesday so bills and all that goes with that - seems like a bigger than usual pile in the box

need to find the email I got from the farm about when they’re starting CSA deliveries and make note of it in the planner

last night I ended up making sweet potatoes in the instant pot and we had a choice of stuffing them with either pulled pork or pineapple chicken. I froze what was leftover of the pork

tonight I’m thinking burgers 

we finished ‘umbrella academy’ last night so I’ll be back to my reading challenge for now I think 


From: friedchickn


I just said that to my friend last I just did the bills for the am I doing bills again???

Not sure where today will entire week is kinda thrown off.  Cleaning lady is coming at 10.  Meeting friends at 11:30 for lunch.

When I went to yoga last night, I passed the library and there were still plants and I couldn't help I ended up with more.  Added them to the giant pile...

So this morning I just did about a dozen....and I'll do more after lunch with my friends.  Gonna try to finish it....also gonna try to resist grabbing more...

Wednesday is usually dinner out.  Not sure today cause we ate out on Monday...maybe I can convince dh to do take out instead?

Next big project is shredding all that damn paperwork from GG....I'm gonna set it up outside cause it makes a mess and just shred shred shred.  Probably will be tomorrow.  I just want it done...I feel like I've been shredding 10 pages a day forever. (Cause I have)

Dd's first 2 days of med school went great....she's soooo excited.