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Tuesday, July 5th - To Do

Started Jul-5 by scapermom; 88 views.
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From: scapermom


Morning underway - tho dog is still sleeping, I started laundry and kitchen 

I’ve got leftover tasks from yesterday like vacuuming and the zone mission. We are in the kitchen again-stovetop and cutlery drawer 

new month habit is swish and swipe in the bathrooms - needed the reminder 

told Dd I’d go with her to her ENT appointment this afternoon- she keeps getting these tonsil stones and one of her tonsils is enlarged now

have to dig out the dogs vet records to see when she’s due for her next appointment for shots and med prescription renewal with new vet

dh is doing a double, so only me & Dd for dinner - leftovers or takeout 

Should prep some more overnight oats for DHs quick turnaround 


From: friedchickn


I'm like mid afternoon and just getting on here...

what a weekend...I'm exhausted.  

Got home around 9...dh has been on calls all day.  Unpacked the car and put everything away.  Started laundry....brought all the boat linens back.  So I've been doing that all day.

Stopped at the PO and grabbed the mail.  Need to sort through that.  


Yoga class tonight.

Not sure how much of my Monday tasks I'll be able to get too...or heck Tuesday tasks either.  I'll catch up on everything tomorrow and then start prepping for the weekend.  

Love long weekends...hate short weeks