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Friday, July 8th - To Do

Started Jul-8 by scapermom; 116 views.
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From: scapermom


Took melatonin last night and that helped me fall and stay asleep but still got a crappy sleep score and feel like it sigh

Got morning routine somewhat started - laundry’s going, dogs been out but not fed, kitchen started

took out frozen pizza dough for tonight - hope it defrosts in time. Leaving it on the counter even tho it says to refrigerate overnight to defrost. Once it’s no longer a hockey puck I’ll move it to a bowl with a towel to cover it. I’ll make myself a cassava flour one later

dh left to go attend to his parents - doctors appointments and grocery shopping plus shave and haircut for his dad

today’s zone mission is under sink

it’s a strength training day - but my shoulder hurts so may skip or do something else

have to check into 2 bills that are higher than usual 

DD’s been staying away from us since she found out yesterday that one of her friends she saw on the 4th has Covid 

Have a christening this weekend in Staten Island- should be a nightmare traveling to & from there 

plan is for pizzas topped with pesto and chicken tonight


From: friedchickn


I actually slept OK...not great...just ok.

Contractor stopped by to take measurements for a piece I need fabricated.  Workout completed.  Did 5 buckets of mulch/weeding.

Cleaned up and just getting on here....

Still need to pack and "close" the house activities...then it's off to the boat.  I have plenty of time...dh has calls straight through til 3...


From: friedchickn


I defrost pizza dough on the counter all the time...noone has died yet.