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Wednesday, July 13th - To Do

Started Jul-13 by scapermom; 69 views.
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From: scapermom


Usual morning underway - tho had to make sure there were no dead or half dead creatures in the yard before letting dog out - heard something hissing and screeching at 2am out there - always a fun time 

Zone missions 

4 mins & strength workout- don’t know what’s up with my shoulder 

dog walk before the heat sets in- tho pretty humid already

Have a few things to check on & order from Amazon 

Aldi run

bills and all that goes with it - spent hours on the phone yesterday with Verizon to fix a billing issue- should I torture myself with cable company today?

have to call one of the aunts and yell at her for getting me invited to yet another family party

realized I probably should have made reservations at a hotel for DDs move in next month- tho I don’t know exact day yet, but I’ll ballpark it and do extra days that I can cancel later

hot melt burgers for dinner tonight