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Wednesday, July 20th - To Do

Started Jul-20 by scapermom; 90 views.
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From: scapermom


This heat and humidity is already getting to me and it’s only the start… Guess this proves I could never live down south

Watered the veggie patch and refilled the birdbath

Thinking an easy yoga is exercise enough today, may do some arms too

zone mission - nightstands

dog’s out of luck for walkies 

It’s Wednesday so bills and all that goes with it

work on inventory sheets

going out to dinner tonight 


From: friedchickn


Slept ok...I guess.  Up at 6, which wasn't sooooo bad.  Dh had left for the trails, so I had the house to myself.

Peanut butter waffles for breakfast.  Made enough for 3 extras.  Kitchen cleaned up....still need to do the waffle maker.  But I'll do that later.  Leftover burgers for lunch.  I'll have mine on a salad again.  Dinner out...

Workout at 11...I'm so sore...this is gonna suck.  I'll end with some GHD and a plank.

Piano practice.

Fold yesterday's laundry and finish up the hand washables.  Put everything away.

My favorite bikini top needs some mending.  And I'd like to drop off a load of boxes to the farmer's market...give them one more use before the recycle.

Maybe get to my toes...maybe get to some nashville planning...