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Friday, August 5th-to do

Started Aug-5 by friedchickn; 123 views.
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From: friedchickn


Cleaning lady is here...she's gonna do my oven's so gross and everytime I use it now, it smokes the whole damn place.  Hate that.

I need to pack and clean out the fridge again.  We are only on deck for breakfast sandwiches on Sunday amd I'll grab those supplies at the cost-a-lot across the street from the marina.  Not the most frugal activity...but I'm short on time.

Quick cat litter box freshening.  

And then we are off to Portland to deliver dd her food.  We have one errand and we'll get lunch....then we'll head to the marina.  No idea what's on tap for this weekend....but it's always alot of fun!!!!


From: scapermom


Completely lost track of days and time at this point - I’m still in quarantine 

‘feeling much better this morning but we’ll see what the day brings. May attempt another shower

I guess I should test again ?

was considering opening windows but humidity is 95%

thinking of all that needs to be done for getting Dd back up to school in 2 weeks and cringing…oh well guess we just focus on the basics of basics and the rest we Amazon? 


From: scapermom


Weekend sounds like fun - enjoy!

Would love to get someone here just to do my oven! In the past it’s been my husband lol long arms and elbow grease!