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Tuesday, August 9th-to do

Started Aug-9 by friedchickn; 121 views.
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From: friedchickn


The problem with taking a Monday to go do something fun is start the week on a Tuesday....argghhhh

Stripped the beds and have boat linens going...guess eventually I'll get to our linens.  Also pulled everything out of the laundry room....since dh is supposed to take down the crappy shelving so I can start redoing the laundry area.

I have a pile of receipts, notes, mail on my desk that all needs love.

Usual Monday tasks....receipts, emails, bills, week money, water plants, cat litter, shake the vanilla (xmas gifts), check blood pressure

Pulled a pizza dough out of teh's what's for dinner.  There's a ton of tiny those will make great toppings and there's some veggies that need using so a nice salad.

Stuffed the dishwasher with as many ball jars as there was room.  Gonna run it after lunch.

Workout?  we'll a minimum a romwod and a plank.


From: scapermom


Still recuperating here and still testing positive. Have to read up on and figure out how long I’m actually contagious for - think I still need to wear a mask for a week? 

I’ll try to get a load of laundry done and spend some time outside watering plants before they all melt in this heat

Think I’ll go over the tub area of the bathroom if I have the energy

may try a very short plank, though feel like my limbs are made of mush

finally started watching Breaking Bad yesterday, so I’ll watch some more today



From: friedchickn


ugghhhh.  feel better soon!!!