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Thursday, August 11th - to do

Started Aug-11 by friedchickn; 120 views.
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From: friedchickn


Morning is off and running....

Berry waffles are done...need to clean the waffle maker later.

Cleaning lady is here

Dh is off to play with some friends...probably be back around noon he said. worries

So I'm getting some office stuff done then I'm gonna work on my laundry room wall...def taping and doing cut in....maybe a coat of paint?  We shall see.  I really need the washer and dryer pulled out....but may try to wrestle them myself.

Might head over to the farm to get fresh flowers.  May pick more berries for the freezer.  Not sure yet.

Just gonna play it by ear...


From: scapermom


Glad someone’s keeping track of the days 

feeling pretty much back to normal finally, if not a bit tired

got up and started laundry, took care of the dog and made myself breakfast 

DH has been sleeping pretty much non stop - says he doesn’t feel that bad

have to check for this weeks veggie bag - if it’s there, unpack, clean and store it

i realized I didn’t do bills yesterday, so I’ll do that today. Maybe some more detail cleanup upstairs 

work with Dd to ensure she’s got what she needs and start packing for move in next week

Chicken and whatever veggies there are for dinner 

more breaking bad - season 2 was long but I finished it 


From: friedchickn


I don't sleep I'm up early.  LOL