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Monday, August 15th - To Do

Started Aug-15 by scapermom; 83 views.

From: scapermom


Starting the week with a list?

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From: scapermom


Slept weird - woke several times but was able to fall back at least, then slept til 9 when the phone rang - nobody I knew or wanted to speak to

started the weekly home blessing, lets see how much of it I have energy for today

so far I’ve stripped the bed, sheets are in the wash, towels and table linens replaced and I sanitized the kitchen and the bathroom DH has been using. Somehow he was able to get up and out to work today. I made him an overnight oats last night because I knew he would at least try to go in

i threw open a bunch of windows downstairs to get some air flow before the heat of the day sets in, and went around with Lysol spray and wipes to get all light switches and touchable surfaces. Remotes are next and I should probably do similar to upstairs

I’ll try the 2 min per task with flylady later and see how much I get through

Going to try hitting Staples and TJMaxx with DD later to get her the last few things she needs. Maybe we’ll venture to Target as well since she does need sheets and I heard they sell just fitted separately. Her roomies keep saying they have a ton of stuff, but no specifics and ‘don’t worry we can get everything up there’ which I can respect and perhaps it will be a bonding experience for them? But she needs the basics at least - bedding, towels, keurig, snacks, basic cleaning supplies, toiletries/makeup & clothing

I’d like to start vacuum packing the linens today or tomorrow- need to get into full move in mode here, time is running out 

have a few texts and one aunt’s call that I need to reply to/call back

just took out shrimp to make an easy stir fry for tonight’s dinner

need to discuss meal planning with DD at least the basics

one of the books I put on hold came available so I will hopefully start reading it