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Wednesday, August 17th - To Do

Started Aug-17 by scapermom; 94 views.

From: scapermom


What’s on the list?

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From: scapermom


Been up for hours - guess I’m fully healthy and back to insomnia or whatever 

laundry’s ready to be taken out of the dryer, dogs done and kitchen in progress

have a bunch of errands today - who knew a garbage can would be the new hot dorm item? Can’t find one anywhere - we did order & pay for one at Walmart to be picked up today, but just got notice they are out of stock. May see if DH can swing by the one he passes on the way home from work or I may just head to Target or Lowes and see what if anything they have in stock. Also need a few other odds and ends that I think I can get in either place

want to make a basic grocery stock up list to start DD off with so she can make a trip and have necessities after she settles in

Should swing by the township office in my travels today 

It’s Wednesday so bills should be done - got a stack of mail to go through too

Took out salmon at DHs request - he’ll grill