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Monday, August 29th - To Do

Started Aug-29 by scapermom; 151 views.

From: scapermom


Starting the week with a list?

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From: scapermom


Morning in progress- had to actually wake the dog up, and forgot to run the dishwasher last night,but it’s all good 

it’s weekly home blessing time, so I stripped the bed, replaced all the towels and table linens and sanitized. The rest of the tasks will happen at 11 with flylady 

I’ll do a 15 min walk at home to slowly get back in exercise mode

Should really take a look at The food stash and make a meal plan for the week. Harder todo with the farm delivery since I don’t know what I’m getting until the night of (if That)

Got the idea to send Dd a Taco night care package so I’ll start gathering what she needs for that. So far I’m thinking that and a pasta night. Maybe a hometown night if I can come up with non-perishable items 

realized I ran out of one of the dogs meds, so need to call the vet for that

Today’s zone mission is dusting 

dog walk if the humidity calms down 

needto prep and freeze the extra eggplant before it goes bad

tookout ground beef to make unstuffed peppers for dinner


From: friedchickn


I'm much to catch up on. How have you been???

Worked out, showered and I'm on load number 2 of dh's smelly Argentina snow gear.

Just fed my poor sour dough starter and I have a batch of waffle batter ready for tomorrow morning

We went grocery shopping and picked up fresh veggies and fruits.  Pulled a creole chicken casserole out of the freezer and we are gonna have a late lunch/early dinner cause....

we're going on a hot air balloon ride this evening!!!

Still want to clean up my email, bills, and receipts....I'll get as much done today as I can....but it's gonna take some more time for sure.

Happy to be home!!!


From: scapermom


Welcome back! I was getting very lonely over here in list land! 


From: friedchickn


I miss my list too!!!