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Tuesday, August 30th- To Do

Started Aug-30 by scapermom; 144 views.

From: friedchickn


Up and at em....

today's 2 big tub repair, they didn't give me a time...and fridge delivery (N-4pm).  It's the fridge for the boat we won't have shortly....sigh.  Been waiting almost a year for it and NOWWWWW it ships.

While I'm hanging around waiting for that....I'll finish up yesterday's list, steam the giant pile of clothes and make up that giant batch of waffles for the freezer.

Need to schedule a septic pumpout and the dog's toes.

Order a few things

And workout.

Tonight yoga....and massaman curry for dinner

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From: scapermom


Morning routine started- need to unload the dishwasher 

another killer humidity day so dogs out of luck til sunset maybe

I should get back to doing the 4 corners inventory 

May take a run to hobby lobby for taco night box decoration - I’m in no rush really since the school mailroom is still backed up

zone mission is clearing hot spots 

garlic honey chicken legs in the instant pot for tonight’s dinner

dds heading to Albany tonight for a concert with friends so I’ll be up late tracking her. May start watching Sandman on Netflix to help me stay awake 


From: scapermom


Isn’t that always the way - re fridge? 
forgot about a workout for today- thanks for reminder I ended up doing yoga yesterday, so will do a walk at home today