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Wednesday, August 31st - To Do

Started Aug-31 by scapermom; 126 views.

From: scapermom


End of month list?

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From: scapermom


Morning slowly underway - dogs been out, laundry started, kitchen tbd

Humidity still crazy high even tho temps are a tad cooler 

smashed my pinky toe yesterday, not swollen but there is pain, so think maybe just an upper body workout 

Want to do a quick Aldi run but may wait til I get my veggies tomorrow so I don’t overbuy anything 

Zone mission is decluttering for 15

its Wednesday, so bills and such

should make a hair appointment I’m so overdue 

think I’ll make pasta to go with the leftover unstuffed peppers from the other night for tonight’s dinner

dh is headed over to his parents for the night and to take them for blood tests at the crack of dawn tomorrow. His sister has been researching aides to come help them during the day since they’re at the point they need almost constant care. Not fun getting old


From: friedchickn


I'm shocked it's the last day of the how? and why?

Dh is headed to the marina to close on the boat.  He also has teh fridge he's gonna install on the old boat.

I'm heading a few towns over to shop/lunch with a friend.

We'll meet back here this afternoon to regroup and figure out our evening...his time off is rapidly coming to an end....