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Friday, September 2nd- to do

Started Sep-2 by friedchickn; 129 views.
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From: friedchickn


I was up way too early.  Couldn't sleep.  Dh left at 4 this morning to go get the new boat and "sail" it to the marina that's going to provide land transport.  One of our friends is acting as deck he's not alone....which would definitely be a challenge with a new boat.

Yesterday we managed to clean out several boxes from his uncle's estate.  I staged a bunch of stuff for Buy Nothing and so far 1/2 is gone.  I have a dishwasher load going of pyrex stuff I wanted to keep.  I'll have to find it a home.

Contractor is on his way with some granite excited.  I've wanted stairs off the lower deck for awhile and he texted me the other day that he scored a huge haul.  

I have a few bills, a few emails, a few things to clean.  Need to pack too.

Scored a blackstone griddle on Marketplace for 1/2 price...barely used.  Going to get it at noon.  Hopefully it fits in my car cause the truck is down again for repair...a solenoid.


From: scapermom


Waylaid is the word of the day! This is what I get for staying up late finishing TheSandman…foolish me thinking ‘oh I’ll just watch 1 episode’ next up is finishing Breaking Bad but I should take a break for a bit I need my beauty rest

ok so got morning chores done and spoke to my sister along with FaceTime and texts with Dd 

on lunch break now

need to finish filing still and zone mission is sweeping - so I’ll head out in a bit to do that

ill do some arm work and maybe 10 on the bike

going to try making chicken chow mein for dinner since I’ve got a ton of onions and celery that need using. Also want to try a tomato and artichoke heart salad I got an email about if not tonight, then sometime this weekend