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Tuesday, September 6th - To Do

Started Sep-6 by scapermom; 102 views.

From: scapermom


List for a Tuesday that feels like Monday?

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From: scapermom


Rainy day- but we need it

Ah the sound of squeaky breaks on school buses has begun

morning routine barely started but I’ll get to it when the caffeine kicks in - laundry, dog, kitchen 

zone mission today is cleaning out the silverware holder 

trash needs collecting 

need to call the vet to get more meds for the pup

ill try a short walk at home 

nails need a cleanup - finding the remover I have is really drying my skin so ive been avoiding using it again. Should just go pick up something different 

need to do something with the chicken I poached the other night for tonight’s dinner

may try to finish season 3 of breaking bad if I’m in the mood


From: friedchickn


3 day weekends are wonderful....but disorienting...

So I have Monday's list....and today's.  Chances of it all getting done....slim to none.

A workout (of some sort)....and I have yoga tonight.  

Bills, receipts, emails, week money.

Water plants

cat litter

started laundry last night...need to fold and put away.

Shake the vanilla bottles, measure my BP

Dog bowls

GG call

The dog needs his heartgard today.

No clue on lunch or dinner.  Still have all those new casserole dishes that need a new home.  And the ball jar lids I need to finish that project.

At some point this week....get back to the laundry room project


From: friedchickn


ohhhhh that's a good zone mission!