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Tuesday, September 13th-to do

Started Sep-13 by friedchickn; 96 views.
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From: friedchickn


Managed to get everything on yesterday's "must do" list done....mostly because dh had calls until his calls end at be a struggle

Today's workouts...a crossfit workout and then yoga this evening.  Should be good and sore tomorrow.  Sigh

I have a piano lesson this morning.  Haven't practiced in I'm just hoping to pick some new pieces and start the semester back up.

I have a few calls and emails to follow up on.

Need to go get more cash.  And a few things at the grocery store.

There is enough for lunch...but I need a plan for dinner.  Preferably before I head to the grocery.

Need to see if I still have pizza dough....otherwise, that's what the starter will become today.

Dog bowls

Call GG

Finish up yesterday's laundry.

And maybe get some time to work on this week's projects...we'll see though...I need clear skies and it looks like it's going to rain.


From: scapermom


Slept in a bit, needed it - dogs done, laundry’s started, kitchen tbd

Another rainy day here 

I’ll do some time on the bike or a walk at home for exercise 

yesterday got waylaid by some phone calls, and I didn’t get to the store for the last few items to finish DD’s care package, so I’ll do that today-should check digital coupons first though

zone is cleaning the bathroom trash can, have to look up the other room’s task

want to research another stick vacuum for upstairs since I gave my old one to dd

dog walk when rain stops 

really should call a friend I haven’t seen in a while and arrange a lunch or something 

Pork chops for dinner