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Thursday, September 15th-to do

Started Sep-15 by friedchickn; 102 views.
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From: friedchickn


Up early cause I wanted a coffee and some candy crush before the cleaning lady got here at 8.

I've made a huge effort this week to stick to my workout plan and to get everything on my list done every damn day.  I'm just so tired of pushing tasks over and over and over again.

As a result, I'm exhausted.  I'm sore.  I'm tired.  And I feel like I might need to restructure my weekly lady.  Then I have a dentist appt.  Might stop at the little bakery after my appt....pick up a few snacks.  Hopefully it's open.

Dh got that needs to disappear.  I also have to adjust my payment schedules...cause we paid off dd's condo and a boat...and we have a new boat.  So that's about an hour of work...max.  I just need to smooth it out and make sure it's all set.

piano practice

I managed to finish the painting yesterday...need to razor the windows and remove the painters tape today.

Shake the vanilla

List a few things on facebook

Maybe a long dog walk....and yoga class tonight.

Lunch and dinner are leftovers.


From: scapermom


Yeah so apparently I slept in again, I guess I needed it?

laundry’s going, dogs still sleeping, kitchen tbd

i noticed tons of emails so I should get to that after coffee

ill do some time on the bike or one of the FitOn workouts if the reminder pops up first 

think I finally have DD’s care package done, just need to tape and label - was supposed to be taco night theme but I threw a bunch of other stuff in there too like pumpkin spice hand soap, trail mix, popcorn and the sleep shorts she ordered but came too late for her to take.

post office for above

have to put concert tickets I bought 4 years ago for dd up for sale - want to offer them to my nephew first tho

Online shopping for something to wear to a wedding in early October 

Zone mission is the sink

want to vacuum the family room - dog is shedding a lot

thinking leftovers or burgers tonight - farm bag delivery got pushed to overnight tonight for some reason so I’ll use something from my frozen stash

finally finished season 3 of breaking bad last night so May start 4 tonight?


From: scapermom


Saw the picture of your new boat on 40’s - she a beaut! Or do you say “yar” ? Like in that old Katherine Hepburn movie? Anyways wishing you & yours much good luck and good times with her!