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Friday, September 16th - To Do

Started Sep-16 by scapermom; 107 views.
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From: scapermom


slept like crap 

Fall chill is in the air this morning- but supposedly will hit 80 later 

morning underway- dogs done, laundry’s started, kitchen tbd

Feeling the yoga flow I did yesterday in my neck and shoulders, maybe I’ll just do some time onthe bike today 

last day in the zone and we’re mopping 

post office to mail the care package 

put those tickets up for sale after making sure Dd doesn’t have someone who wants them

Expecting some deliveries today -oh! Need to pull veggie bag from the porch, unpack, clean put away 

Not sure what dinner will be - I’ve got some ground beef to use up

more breaking bad this weekend? 
maybe we’ll finally get together with my sister’s family? I’m sure DH will swing by his parents at some point


From: friedchickn


Fall is definitely in the air....

Checking a few financial things this morning...

then clearing the fridge, packing for the boat, cat litter, water plants and piano practice...

Then I'm going to clean the new boat from top to bottom and hopefully move in today!!!!

As for this weekend....5 mile morning walks, Saturday breakfast (bacon, eggs, home fries, fruit and pastry)...and probably plenty of boat tours!!!