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Friday, September 23rd - To Do

Started Sep-23 by scapermom; 98 views.
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From: scapermom


Wow when Mother Nature says it’s time for fall, it’s fall! The wind is really kicking in

Question is do I bring my pepper plant in now or wait? - low 40s at night. Have to go look and see if I can salvage any more beans from that plant

DH took the day - we may go look at some cars for DD

I’m trying to get my morning routine done at least

Zone mission is laying out PJs for tonight? Easy peasy

Daily mission is Car/Purse clean out and I should really do both

Need to look for something to wear to the wedding next weekend (yikes)

No idea about dinner tonight - take out of some kind? 

I ended up making meatballs with the ground beef - zoodles for myself and DH had leftover real pasta. So I may just freeze the peppers for another time


From: friedchickn


dh's colonoscopy is done...small lunch and some packing and then headed to  the boat!