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Wednesday, September 28th - To Do

Started Sep-28 by scapermom; 119 views.
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From: scapermom


So got woken up by a euro-spam phone call at 6 something-they left a message of the English ringtone and everything-stayed in bed but never really fell back asleep 

Got the morning routine going- dog, laundry’s ready to flip, kitchen tbd

also started going through emails

going to see I I can do a strength training workout without injuring myself 

zone mission is decluttering in living/family room 

dog bowls need attention 

the pepper plant I brought in of course had bugs in the soil - I left it soaking overnight, but need to get some type of natural insecticide to spray - I’ll look on Amazon 

Quick Aldi run for a few things 

its wednesday so bills etc

need to try on the wedding outfit I put together 

Honey garlic chicken drumsticks for dinner


From: friedchickn


Woke long after dh left to go ride....still managed to get up, make biscuits and coffee before he got back.

Dump run and a trip to the PO completed.  Of course, I have a pile of stuff to do now.

Won't be working out best maybe a short Romwod to stretch some very sore muscles.

piano practice

I have some defrosted meat to cook up.  I dehydrated figs last night (packed those up and cleaned the dehydrator this morning....waiting for it to dry)  Plenty of pickings for lunch...dinner will be out.

We've got to head to Conway to shred old GG tax records from the latest series of boxes dh pulled out for us to sort.  I'm also going to go through a pile of our stuff.  On the way home, we're gonna stop at a new place we've been meaning to try.

I have to do my online work for the Buying Group at noonish.

Need to compile a fiction list for tomorrow's library meeting

And I started a load of laundry

Didn't end up rewatching Game of Thrones....instead watched the Super Pets DC comic movie...which was adorable.  


From: friedchickn


You should try the Do Not Disturb feature on your phone.  It'll still allow anyone you've favorited to get through but everything else....can wait til morning.


From: scapermom


Forgot about that option! Will try it thanks!