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Monday, October 31st - To Do

Started Oct-31 by scapermom; 95 views.

From: friedchickn


Went out last night with friends...thank goodness we walked downtown (and back...) cause I'm a hurtin body this morning....

Got laundry going, breakfast made and dishwasher running.

Headed to a friend's to help pass out candy at noon....the local elementary school does a halloween parade and her house is right on the route.

I'll come home and get a few more things accomplished before I end up at a halloween party tonight.

Nothing fancy on today's list....bills, receipts, emails, pull out the sourdough and water plants

practice piano

Get some kind of workout in...

food today will be at the various events....or snack ums at home....

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From: scapermom


October sure flew by!

Morning underway - weekly home blessing day stuff along with regular morning routine

no zone mission today so I’ll try to catch up on the Christmas missions and maybe vacuum the upstairs

last day of paper clutter 

need to find the Halloween candy bowl so I can either put it out on the porch or just have something for the candy to give out when the trick or treating begins

going to review the hot melt 30 and see if I can swing starting it tomorrow with what I have on hand or not

should take a look at the new insurance benefits information so we can make a informed choice

Took chicken thighs out of the freezer for dinner