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Wednesday, November 2nd-to do

Started Nov-2 by friedchickn; 132 views.

From: friedchickn


Up early....actually got to see the sun rise...and I don't feel exhausted, yet.  Just had weird dreams and decided I didn't need one more.  

After several snarky comments yesterday...I've decided I'm taking a break from 40ish.  So if you don't see me there (I barely ever see you)...that's why.  

Cleaning lady is here.  Breakfast is done.  Kitchen cleaned up.  

Lunch is leftovers.  Dinner will be a mac and cheese....enhanced.  I think that somewhere I have a package of shredded chicken and I'll make it buffalo to top the mac and cheese.

Need to message my friend about picking up my giant halloween inflatables she borrowed.  I'd like that done and checked off before I head to charleston

Cat litter

piano practice

and a workout....

then I'll start packing for my trip.  Need to figure out what temp it is and make sure I have a couple of cute outfits for a nice dinner or 2.


From: scapermom


What happened on 40ish? I lurk every so often, but don’t participate much. Just not feeling it like I used to. In fact I think I posted something yesterday for the first time in forever

I slept like crap myself - dh succeeded in waking me up with his various noises- sounded like he was building something downstairs at 4:15. I tried my best to fall back to sleep since I’m going to need my energy today but I drifted off to sleep only to wake again several times

I’ve got laundry going and the dog is out menacing the birds trying to use the bird bath

I already know I’m not going to accomplish much today since I’ve got to go pick up my sister and brother in law for 2 then take us all to Staten Island for a family wake this afternoon - we called her aunt but she was really my father’s cousin through marriage. But they all lived together in those days so they were closer than cousins for sure. She was one of the last left from that generation too. So we’re making the trek

but I would like to at least get in the zone mission - declutter family room and Christmas cruise mission - think its something to do with ordering gifts

Perhaps a 15 min walk at home

The bedroom also needs a good vacuum if I can fit that in before getting ready & out the door 

theres ground beef defrosting that I’ll make something with for dinner when I get back - I’m not planning to stay long and I know there will be traffic - but my sister can be a pain in the ass when it comes to stopping her socializing, so maybe we’ll eat out somewhere on the way home and DH will be on his own


From: friedchickn


Nothing really HAPPENED. 

Manth made some comment about a friend who's kids carved some adorable pictures and I asked for a pic.  She snarked back that the friend wasn't on the board and wouldn't want them on the internet.  I meant the pumpkins not the fine...whatever.  

Next day she made a comment about getting that stray male cat fixed to stop him from spraying in the house....well, I did rescue for 10 years and I can assure you that doesn't fix the problem.  So I posted that it doesn't always take care of the behavior....and she snarked back that her vet told her it did and she wasn't going to toss the cat.  Um...wasn't suggesting you toss the cat...just preparing you for the reality.  

Her attitude towards me has just been #### lately, lots of slap backs...and well, it's not just her...I just don't feel welcomed anymore.  So after marinating on it for awhile I decided I'm just gonna take a break...


From: scapermom


I hear ya on this 

There’s only a small handful of people on there who are truly welcoming 

I did see the thing about the cat. Reminds me of this psycho woman who thought she headed our neighborhood mom/child play group when DD was little. Would just make shit up and then rip people new ones when they didn’t agree with her. I didn’t need that drama in my life then and certainly don’t now


From: friedchickn


And that's exactly how I feel right now....I need less drama.