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Friday, November 4th - To Do

Started Nov-4 by scapermom; 104 views.
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From: scapermom


So foggy out!

Morning routine off to a slow start. Dog’s been out and thats about it. I’ll get to laundry & kitchen in a few

zone mission is dusting ceiling, light fixtures & window sills in the dining room& entrance

missed yesterday’s holiday cruise mission so Ill do that with todays once I find them

new month habit is menu planning and boy do I need that 

I’ll do a quick 15 min walk at home

Think I’ll swing by aldis for fill in once I figure out menus for the next few days. Not getting the veggie box until overnight tonight

my nephew sent me a link to the family album for his baby so I need to add the App then enjoy that

no idea about tonight’s dinner - we haven’t had fish in a while