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Tuesday, November 8th-To Do

Started 11/8/22 by scapermom; 115 views.

From: friedchickn


Been a busy morning....voted, did my flexibility video, plank challenge, started the dishwasher and the laundry!  Baam!!

Dinner....gonna do a mexicanish gnocchi with chicken....I have some salsa and some tomatoes to use up.  I'll dig around and see what else I can hide in there.

Lunch...leftovers from the party/dinner last night.  So happy that is over with....and the woman who roped me into it had the nerve to ask for something else at the end of the dinner.  I was prepared and politely told her I couldn't help out.  #### that!!!!  Honestly feel used over the whole thing.  Grrrrr

What's left....a crossfit workout, a dog walk, piano practice.  Sourdough...was gonna do a pumpkin muffin...but think I'll make a pizza dough instead.

need to make a dog claw appointment...start of the month got away from me

Call GG

And some small stuff....