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Wednesday, November 9th - To Do

Started 11/9/22 by scapermom; 130 views.
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From: scapermom


Up early again.
Morning underway, dog’s out enjoying the cool weather, laundry’s started, kitchen tbd. Charging the fitbit once again 

I’ll get in a plank and maybe some arm work before breakfast 

zone mission is shining sink

holiday cruise mission 

cheating on the habit by using a meal plan I found online

needto hit Aldi for some fill in items - no idea if I’ll get a veggie box this week- weathers been cool but not freezing yet 

should do some leaf blowing in the yard

its Wednesday so bills, & filing 

dog walk

calls to sus out thanksgiving 

chicken & cauliflower sheet pan dinner


From: friedchickn


Slept wonderfully!!!

Dh had an early morning call, so he's already under way.  I need a bit more runway....

Watched the new Top Gun last was sooooo good.

Usually we go out on Wednesday...but we both agreed we didn't want to.  So I'm pushing the deep dish pizza up to today.  Dh said he's take care of tomorrow's dinner...not sure what that means

Plenty of leftovers for lunch.  Still

Need to decide on a snowplow guy bailed at the last minute.  Douche.  So not happy....and I'll be looking for a new landscaper too....thank you very much.  Luckily I do use a different guy at our house and he just sent me a I'll review what I have and decide today.  before it snows!

Pliability session once I get some coffee in me.  Plank challenge later and a crossfit workout.

Need to get eggs from the farm and get the dog's toes that'll be my one outing today.

piano practice

I have a literary committee meeting tomorrow I need to prep for and a split update to do for the farmer's market.

Printed my Thanksgiving planner....need to figure out what's left to get and make a list for Friday's shop.

No clue what we'll watch tonight...I think we are caught up on everything.