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Tuesday, December 27th - To Do

Started Dec-27 by scapermom; 110 views.
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From: scapermom


Late mode once again - the dog woke me up to go out, or I might still be sleeping!

Trying to get the morning routine started - laundry’s going, dog is out for 2nd time & kitchen tbd aftercoffee 

zone mission is declutter Knick knacks 

Will spend some more time on putting away the gifts 

I’ll spend time on the bike and watch some videos 

have a bunch of emails to go through - may do some unsubscribing

may hit hobby lobby and or target to check out Xmas clearance 

No idea about dinner - may grab something while out 

Need a new book to read while waiting for Mercury back - determined to finish it - maybe a trip to the library today?


From: friedchickn


dd just left....I love having her here but is a lot of extra...extra work, extra attention, extra just everything....dh calls it "the invasion" and he's not wrong.  LOL

Need to run a  few errands...get gas, eggs and dish detergent.  I'll swing by the PO too and that will no doubt earn me a stack of followup

Started a load of whites (xmas linens) and my bras soaking.

I'll take the dog for a short walk and then dh and I are gonna go have a late lunch/decompress....


From: scapermom


I can certainly sympathize with the extra everything that occurs with having DD home! I’m amazed at how much one little extra person adds