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Wednesday, December 27th - To Do

Started 12/28/22 by scapermom; 123 views.
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From: scapermom


Had a crap night sleep - woke up around 4something and remained up til 7ish and then finally fell back to sleep til 9 ugh

coffee will be free flowing today

Got morning routine started - dog’s out, laundry’s going, kitchen tbd

zone mission is dusting up high

thinking an easy yoga for exercise will be all I can manage

it’s wednesday so bills and all that goes with that 

I need some fill in groceries so will hit aldi later on

want to give myself a manicure 

Thinking a lentil Dahl for dinner is a nice change of pace  


From: friedchickn


I had a horrible stomachache that woke me at 2...couldn't get back to sleep and it wouldn't decide what it needed...apparently just to make me miserable.  So I'm tired and cranky.  Again.

Breakfast and mild kitchen cleanup done.  Finishing up my coffee while I putter through tasks....put a load of laundry away, cleaned out the fridge (so much waste), gathered all the trash and recycling, pulled my sourdough starter out, and watered my plants....I'm trying, my attitude just isn't helping.

Taking the dog for a hike at 1 with a friend.  Maybe that'll help.

Then....I just don't know...