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Tuesday, January 10th- to do

Started Jan-10 by friedchickn; 107 views.
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From: friedchickn


So sore from yesterday's workout...but I'm gonna keep at it cause the scale is moving in the right direction (again...sigh)

I made overnight oats for breakfast with blueberry milk and OMG was that the best thing ever.  Made another jar for tomorrow.  Lunch will be leftovers and dinner is chicken quesadillas.  I'll need to figure out something for lunch tomorrow and take out fixings for beef stew for dinner tomorrow too.

Working out at 10 with dh....he has calls ALL day and this is the only possible time.  Buti yoga this evening.  I should be so sore by tomorrow.

piano practice

couple of bills/financial things to start.  At some point I need to start the taxes....think I'll wait til I get the W2

Taking the dog over to get his nails trimmed.

And...grabbing the ornament boxes to start taking down the tree.


From: scapermom


Blueberry milk? Have not seen this! Sounds yummy tho!


From: friedchickn


A local farm sells it.  It's kinda like strawberry milk....but Maine, so blueberry.  This particular farm does it so it's not sickly sweet


From: scapermom


Been up but started looking at emails and got distracted…

started laundry, took care of dog

zone is cabinet doors - that should wear me out some

Think I’ll get on the bike and then do a quick sculpt workout

need to check financial stuff 

leftover tasks from yesterday include dusting and shining mirrors & doors

Need a Costco run - going to my sister’s for belated Christmas tonight & meeting my great niece, also seeing nieces & nephews - we’re bringing rotisserie chickens and salad