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Sat/Sun Jan 21/22 - to do

Started 1/21/23 by friedchickn; 130 views.

From: scapermom


Not used to posting for the weekend 

focus has been on getting dd packed & prepped to go back to school

They left this morning in the dark and I’m dealing with the aftermath -laundry and kitchen 

I’ll pick dh up at the train station tonight - flight benefits coming in handy for this at least

just sat down with coffee and started to update my planner for the week ahead

DD started using something called Notion for planning on her laptop - looks pretty but complicated

meal plan for the week

rearranged some indoor plants for maximum sunlight, and need to water them all

Since I have the day to myself I may do some reading and relaxing 

dog walk later on

leftovers for meals 

I’m sure I’ll be passed out early tonight since I got up so early and didn’t get much sleep