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Tuesday, January 24th - To Do

Started Jan-24 by scapermom; 151 views.
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From: scapermom


Morning underway - dog’s out, laundry’s doing it’s thing - going to be a 2 load day, and kitchen just got started

DH is at work today since no jury email last night - so unsatisfying how they are doing it

I gained 3lbs like overnight so I’ve decided to focus more on exercise and stop snacking after dinner - I got back in the late night snack habit with DD home

Today I’ll do the 4 min workout 3x and some strength training

zone mission is to find things that don’t belong in the bedroom and put them in their rightful place - like the bag of craft stuff I’ve got sitting next to my dresser from Christmas 

really need to call the eye doctor & my sister

dog walk later on

Watched the 2nd episode of The Last of us last night - I will be sticking with it

Want to get to some videos I’ve been eyeing on YouTube tonight - also got the Dave Grohl book from the e-library that I heard was good


From: friedchickn


Dh is currently shoveling our roof....I'm not a fan.

Going for a quiet day....refill the bird feeder, water the fig trees (garage), dog bowls.

Going to walgreens for Tide and Bounce...they have them on crazy sale.

I'll do a pliability workout and then I have Buti tonight.

Lunch is leftovers from dinner.  Dinner I need to figure out.  I'm thinking pasta...

Practice piano

Call to see if I can board the dog for our trip to Aruba in february.


From: scapermom


Wow that’s a lot of snow when you need to shovel the roof! We’ve been lucky so far - just rain and maybe some flurries here & there


From: friedchickn


Roof shoveling is a thing in Maine...actually it was a thing in northern NH too.

Too much weight, ice dams and buried stink pipes.

That's why they make A frames with the steep pitched roofs.