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Friday, January 27th - To Do

Started 1/27/23 by scapermom; 130 views.
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From: scapermom


Morning routine underway - have to collect laundry before getting that task done, but dog’s been out and I gave her food, and kitchen’s had a first round

Zone mission involves re-making the bed

want to start the project of moving 2022 files - but probably should wait til taxes are done - but maybe I can start since i need room

today’s research item is a printer

I’ll do the 4 minute workouts and add some strength training

thinking we’ll do dinner out tonight to celebrate dh being done with jury duty


From: friedchickn


Morning well lady is here, breakfast is done and dishwasher running.

My day got an unplanned redo....dd's furnace is on the I'm headed to her place to wait for the repair guy while she goes to cadaver lab.  

Need to stop at the farm for eggs on the way home...cause we have none.

Should get a few groceries...but probably won't.

MIght watch She Said on Peacock while I wait....