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Monday, January 30th - To Do

Started 1/30/23 by scapermom; 117 views.
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From: scapermom


It’s Monday again so weekly home blessing started along with the regular morning routine - bed stripped, towels & table linens replaced, kitchen surfaces sanitized, laundry started, dog fed and dishwasher to be unloaded

New zone is living/family room & mission is to do a hotspot fire drill

rest of tasks at 11 with flylady

A few leftovers from yesterday like water the plants and set up the planner for the week. Didn’t meal plan either

Work on getting steps in - need my treadmill back from my sister. Looks like an outside walk will be the thing to do today

backyards a mess with lots of sticks and stuff, so may attempt a cleanup

dog bowls

quick grocery  run after I make the meal plan

my nails need attention

Leftovers for dinner since it’s just me


From: friedchickn


Well....I messed up my back any and all workouts are on hold.  Ouch.

Breakfast is done, lunch is leftovers and dinner will be pasta, chicken and spinach

Took out my sourdough starter for tomorrow, did week money, started laundry and cleaned up my emails from this weekend.

Next up....receipts and bills.

Boggle at noon with my ladies....

piano practice

water my plants...

and that's about it


From: scapermom


Oh no - hope your back gets back to normal quick!