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Wednesday, February 1st - To Do

Started 2/1/23 by scapermom; 159 views.
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From: scapermom


Got our first dusting of snow overnight - dog is out there loving it!

Took a melatonin last night to get to sleep and I’m still groggy from it, but coffee is helping me get the morning routine going

New zone with the new month is entrance/dining rm - mission is dusting the vents

also new habit for the month is decluttering - so I’ll spend 15 mins doing that

A quick walk at home for exercise 

it’s wednesday so bills and filing etc - also taxes

dog walk 

Thinking mini meatloaves for dinner 


From: friedchickn


Not sure if you buy stuff on chewy...but they have a sale/promotion going ...spend $100 get $30 gift card.  It's not on everything but my dog food was included...

It's -4.  So hiking with my friend today.  Back feels almost good as gold so I'm taking one last day to rest it.  I'll do a pliability this evening.

Dump I'll gather the trash and recycling

Cat litter

Piano practice

oh and yeah....the beginning of taxes...I'll start the timer today and get the ball rolling.  Yuck


From: friedchickn


We're headed out for dinner....can't decide between 2 restaurants so I'll have to see what the specials are that are running.


From: scapermom


Thanks - I’ll check out the chewy deal. I get her treats from there so I’ll see if they’re included.